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Marc Chagall – The Story of Exodus

Marc Chagall and Lithography Marc Chagall was introduced to original lithography by Fernand Mourlot, owner of the renowned Mourlot Atelier lithographic studio located in Paris, France. Marc Chagall worked closely with Master Printer Charles Sorlier and over the next 35 years, Chagall created over 1,000 original lithographs at the Atelier Mourlot. The partnership between Marc...

Art Terms Decoded: What does “Stoned Signed” or “Plate Signed” Mean?

Plate Signatures
ARTIST'S SIGNATURE As you begin to delve deeper into the world of fine art collecting you will find that one of the most important indicators of value and potential worth is the artist's signature. Some might even say that this is the most important aspect of an artwork that makes it a desirable luxury commodity. The reasoning...