Our Fine Art Gallery has the finest quality Wifredo Lam original prints, lithograph, etching, and artworks. We have a large inventory available off-site and we encourage you to make an appointment to see specific works you are looking to collect. We are happy to meet you at either our art gallery showroom or at your home or office for a private presentation.

About Wifredo Lam

Artist Wifredo Lam was born December 8, 1902, in Sagua la Grande, Cuba. Wifredo Lam’s father was a Chinese immigrant, and his mother was of African, Indian, and European descent. From and early age Wifredo Lam was exposed to rites of the African orishas, and Lam’s contact with African celebrations and spiritual practices proved to be his greatest artistic influence especially in his lithographs, etchings, aquatints, and engravings.