Roberto Matta Art For Sale

Chilean-born artist Roberto Matta was an international figure whose worldview represented a synthesis of European, American, and Latin American cultures. As a member of the Surrealistmovement and an early mentor to several Abstract Expressionists, Roberto Matta broke with both groups to pursue a highly personal artistic vision. His mature work blended abstraction, figuration, and multi-dimensional spaces into complex, cosmic landscapes.

Roberto Matta is known for his unique blending of Surrealism with Abstract Expressionism. Like his friend Arshile Gorky, Roberto Matta’s otherworldly paintings and prints explored the unconscious through methods of Surrealist automatism. With fluid brushstrokes of rich color the artist described nebulous spaces inhabited by floating organic and architectonic forms, as seen in the hallmark work Les Roses sont belles (1951). “I am interested only in the unknown and I work for my own astonishment,” he once declared.

Our Fine Art Gallery has the finest quality Roberto Matta original prints, lithographs, etching, aquatints, and carborundum. We have a large inventory available off-site and we encourage you to make an appointment to see specific works you are looking to collect. We are happy to meet you at either our art gallery showroom or at your home or office for a private presentation.