Denis Bloch Fine Art Gallery is pleased to offer a wide selection of original lithograph posters by  master museum artists of the 19th and 20th Centuries. Many of these collectible original lithograph posters were acquired directly from the original printers and are in excellent or mint condition. These beautiful rare art posters are an excellent way for art collectors to acquire original hand–printed lithographs by the major Modern Masters of the 20th Century at an affordable price. 

About Posters

Vintage Lithograph poster collecting became fashionable at the turn of the 19th Century. Hand–printed lithograph posters were a vibrant and expressive form of advertising meant to attract the throngs of everyday consumers in cities both large and small. These beautiful original posters had to be visually striking and immediately convey their message in order to entice the viewer. Lithographic art posters were typically placed at street (eye) level, and often these original posters were positioned in prominent areas such as art gallery windows, railway stations, street kiosks, or on the sides of buildings where the posters could be easily seen.