Tom Wesselmann Art For Sale

Tom Wesselmann was an American Pop artist best known for his collages, sculptures, and screenprints that stylized the female figure. Often isolating segments of the body—red lips with a cigarette, a single nipple, or a stylish shoe —his artworks aim was to seize a viewer’s attention. Tom Wesselmann would soon emerge as one of the leading figures in American Pop Art along with fellow artists Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Jim Dine and Alex Katz among others. Tom Wesselmann never liked his inclusion in American Pop Art, pointing out how he made an aesthetic use of everyday objects and not a reference to them as consumer objects.

Our fine art gallery has the finest quality Tom Wesselmann original prints, lithographs, screen prints, steel cuts, mixograph, sculptures, limited editions, and signed artworks for sale. We have a large inventory available off-site and we encourage you to make an appointment to see specific works you are looking to collect. We are happy to meet you at either our art gallery showroom or at your home or office for a private presentation.

About Tom Wesselmann

Tom Wesselmann, an American born painter, sculptor, and printmaker, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1931. Tom Wesselmann studied psychology at the University of Cincinnati and also took art classes at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. Wesselmann had originally intended to become a cartoonist but instead turned to painting.